11 Mother’s Day Deals To Please Your Mum And Wallet

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Broke? But love your mum a lot and want to give her the best this Mother’s Day?

We got you. We believe that anyone with any kind of budget should be able to treat their mother to the best things. So, we’ve put together a little something, just for you. Check out the “packages” suited for any budget and give your mother a real treat this Mother’s Day!

Or jump right into your budget range and get ready to please both your mama and your wallet!

Student Package (Budget < $50)

Shout out to all the young, dumb and broke kids, we understand the dilemma you face. Are you really buying a gift for your mum if you’re paying with the allowance you got from her? And does it really make it better if you got this week’s allowance from your Dad instead? After all, it’s still not from you, is it? Well, we can’t solve that question for you but we sure can get you a great deal for your week’s allowance!

  1. Does your mum love cakes and scents? (Total Amount: $41.10)

Mother's Day Cheesecake
Check out Cat and The fiddle, they sell amazing cheesecakes and offer same day delivery for less than $50! They’re also holding a 20% discount for Queen of Hearts, a strawberry flavoured cake, and you can get a further 8.0% cashback when you order with Shopback.

Where the good deal at: https://www.catandthefiddle.com/cheesecakes
You spend:$31.10 (not considering cashback)
You save: $7.80

Mothers Day Scented Diffuser

A small gift or card will complete this Mother’s day package perfectly. Typo runs great gifting sales which includes mugs, makeup bags and scented diffusers too!

Where the good deal at: https://cottonon.com/SG/scented-diffuser/141888-06.html
You spend: $10
You save: $7.99

Total Amount:
$31.10 (cheesecake) + $10 (scented diffuser) = $41.10

  1. Take your mum out for some fineeee food (Total Amount: $45++)Mother's Day Eatigo

If you’ve never heard of Eatigo before then its high time someone introduced it to you. Eatigo offers table reservations with a discount depending on the time and day you book. For those of you whose mother won’t be free on the weekends, Eatigo is perfect. There’s 50% off for hotel buffets at special timings on weekdays! The buffet options may be a tad pricier than $25/person (assuming you’re not going to watch her eat) but it’ll be worth every bite.

Where the good deal at: https://eatigo.com/home/sg/en/restaurant/id/2362/
You spend: $24.90 x 2 pax
You save: $49.80

Total Amount:
$24.90 x 2 pax = $49.80

Tips: For more buffets, ranging from Thai to Peranakan, you can take a look at the other Eatigo’s buffet offers. And if buffets aren’t your thing, check out the other food options Eatigo has on their website. There’s plenty of good food you can bring your Mum to try and experience! Maybe even Mookata?

Newly Employed (Budget < $200)

Just got your first job? Congratulations! Mother’s Day is going to be a special time where you are able to really treat your Mum with your own money. So, splurge a little and make this a memorable Mother’s Day for her.

  1. Got a real beauty at home who doesn’t take care of herself? (Total Amount: $91)

Mothers Day Perfume

“You are never fully dressed without a perfume” – C. Joybell C. You heard C., get your mother a whole wardrobe refresh with just one more item! One of Salvatore’s classic, this perfume packs in a sweet and punchy leather scent that makes people want to come back for more. A unique scent leaves behind great memories and helps you remember sweeter moments with your mother.

Where the good deal at: https://www.lazada.sg/products/salvatore-ferragamo-signorina-eleganza-eau-de-parfum-i155178547-s196104353.html
You spend: $73
You save: $9

Mothers Day lush

Get her this Cherryish body scrub from Lush and make her feel youthful again! If your mother is anything like 99% of mothers in the world, she probably spent a great part of her life taking care of you and…. neglecting herself. It’s likely not to change anytime soon and she’ll never stop seeing you as her young helpless child yada yada yada. So help her. Exfoliate and rejuvenate her skin today!

Where the good deal at: https://sg.lush.com/products/valentines-day/cherryish
You spend: $18

Total Amount:
$73 (perfume) + $18 (bodyscrub) = $91

  1. Is she a keeper? Defo (Total Amount: $167.33)

Mothers Day Instant Pot

Have you heard of the Instant Pot? If your mother loves to cook, buy this now! This is what all homekeepers have been raving about for months and months and months. The many models of smart programmable pressure cooker allows you to make anything from yogurt to pulled pork and stew. Hurry up and make her life easier already!

Where the good deal at: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06Y1YD5W7/
You spend: $167.33 (With RateX)
You save: $8.96

  1. Real tense shoulders (Total Amount: $129)

Mother Day Osim

Many many physical ailments always catches up with us in old age. Stiff necks and tense shoulders are more than just a common occurrence. Are you really aging if your neck doesn’t get sore? Well, your mother will be sure to appreciate this OSIM uCozy Should Massager that’s going on offer right now! Great for massaging her worries away and helping her relax for a more restful sleep.

Where the good deal at: https://sg.osim.com/product/relax-relieve/upper-body-massagers/ucozy-3d-upper-body-massager-stripes.html
You spend: $129
You save: $70

Rich AF (Sky’s the limit)

If money isn’t a concern for you, go beyond just gifts and up your ball game. Take your Mum out for a brand new experience or even better, join in with her and spend some time together. After all, mothers would love spending time with their children rather than receiving a gift that she won’t use.

6. Pick up modern floral arrangement (Total Amount: $300)

Mother Day flowers

Enjoy picking flowers and foliage from a floral bar, and then be guided on techniques to best bring out their beauty at The Bloom Room’s workshops. A special Mother’s Day promotion lets each mother-and-daughter pair craft one hand-tied bouquet and one glass jar arrangement at a bundled price. It’s perfect for mums who love flowers but chide you for ‘wasting’ money when you buy them for her on Mother’s Day.

Where the good deal at: https://www.silverkris.com/cool-things-mum-mothers-day-singapore/
You spend: $300 for 2 pax

  1. Malay kampong (village) cooking escapade for the cooking mamas (Total Amount: $280)

Mother Day

Go on a field trip to rustic Pulau Ubin, where you will learn how to cook nasi kerabu (herbed rice) in a century-old Malay village home affectionately named Kampong Durian. After a 10-minute bumboat ride from Changi jetty, ‘food sorceress’ Ruqxana will take you and mum on a five-hour culinary adventure. This includes foraging for 30 different wild jungle herbs required in the kitchen.

Where the good deal at: http://cookerymagic.com/cooking-class/cooking-class-in-a-malay-kampong-house-on-pulau-ubin/
You spend: $140 x 2pax

Total Amount:
$140 x 2 pax = $280

  1. Treat your Mum to a relaxing spa at MBS (Total Amount: $450)

Mother Day Spa

Sitting at 55 storeys above Marina Bay, MBS’ award-winning Banyan Tree Spa boasts of a wide selection of massage and beauty treatments. Their blissful setting of Oriental-inspired water gardens and warm-toned private rooms will definitely bring your Mum into a new realm of relaxation and restoration.

Banyan Inspires, packaged at S$450 per person (and S$850 for two people,) helps to restore balance with a body massage combined with the benefits of Soothing Oil, a harmonious blend of nutrient-rich ingredients.

Where the good deal at: https://www.marinabaysands.com/hotel/amenities/banyan-tree-spa.html
You spend: $450

  1. Or a full-blown package of Stay, Spa and Dine at The Fullerton Hotel (Total Amount: $528 )

Mother day

If you are really looking to pamper her, book her the Mother’s Day Stay, Spa and Dine Package from The Fullerton HotelA retreat at the historical hotel, the package includes a Courtyard Room, an international buffet breakfast at the Town Restaurant, an Ultimate Aromatherapy Massage, a 30-minute Express & Glow Facial (valued at S$85.), and complimentary flower bouquet. All this for a total of S$528. Not much for the leading lady in your life.

Where the good deal at: https://www.fullertonhotels.com/the-fullerton-hotel/spa.html
You spend: $528

The Unemployed (Budget <$20)

In between jobs right now or your budget is really tight? Don’t worry, we did not forget about you. There’s a ton of things that you can do out there that will not only please your Mum but also costs little to nothing.

  1. Make her a fabulous meal or dessert! (Total Amount:< $20)

Mother Day cupcake

We’ve all had our fair share of meals cooked by our mothers in our lifetime and Mother’s Day is the perfect time to return the favour. If you are unsure of what to make, we’ve found a list of recipes you can easily make. Get ready to get your hands dirty.

Where the good deal at: https://www.housebeautiful.com/entertaining/holidays-celebrations/g4295/mothers-day-desserts/

  1. Write her a heartfelt card. (Total Amount:<$10)

Mother Day 10A

What better way is there to express your love and gratitude than to tell her in person? We know, make it permanent by writing it in a card. This way she can reread it from time to time and be reminded of what she means to you. Get one of these beautiful Mothers’ Day cards and start writing. Or even better, use them as references and make your very own card!

Where the good deal at: https://www.housebeautiful.com/entertaining/holidays-celebrations/g3366/mothers-day-cards/

Don’t forget all the other mothers in your life: your wives, mother-in-laws and sisters too.

Or are you looking to maximize this season’s sales?

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