8 Best Chrome Extensions To Save Money When You Shop Online

It’s the year end shopping season again and that usually means loads of online shopping deals. However, are you maximizing your online savings yet? Here’s a list of the top 8 Chrome browser extensions or plug-ins to help improve your online shopping life!

What are browser extensions?

Browser extensions are plug-ins you add to Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or almost any web browser — and most are free. Some of the best browser extensions scour the web for discounts, coupons, and deals to bring you the best prices every time you shop.

Most browser extensions better your online shopping experience in an unintrusive way and help you to find the best deals, save through coupons and even price compare.

1. Honey: Find Coupons, Price Watch and Earn Honey Gold

The Honey browser extension is one of the earliest pioneers of the chrome extensions for online shopping. It started with coupon code auto-insertion during checkout. When the Honey browser extension detects sales, the gray “h” button in your browser turns orange. Before you make a purchase, the Honey plug-in will automatically apply the best available promo codes.

honey browser plug-in, browser extension, chrome extension
Find and apply coupons automatically with Honey

Honey also has a Droplist for Amazon. Add Amazon items to Honey Droplist and they’ll email you when there’s a price drop in your selected items. However, it doesn’t take shipping or import fees into mind, so you’ve to be mindful. Honey also recently added Honey Gold, their version of cashback rewards when you earn Gold from successful affiliate purchases – to be redeemed for gift cards later.

The other drawback is that it’s more targeted at U.S. merchants and sites, though this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t download it still. After all, as Time Magazine calls it, it’s free money!

Honey works on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Download here.



2. RateX: Find Coupons, Pay with RateX and Earn Clovers 

Whilst Honey targets mostly U.S merchants, RateX is another chrome extension that is targeted at the Southeast Asian (SEA) market and Singaporeans. RateX is a smart shopping assistant that delights users during their shopping experience too. Like Honey, they offer auto-insertion of coupons during checkout.  

browser plug-in, browser extension, chrome extension
Find coupons automatically with RateX

However, RateX also allows for overseas payments on some supported merchants, largely Amazon. Amazon (US) and Amazon (UK) are popular amongst Singaporeans, but many do not know that they have to pay with a poor exchange rate through Amazon’s Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) or their debit/credit cards. RateX claims that making overseas payments through them will be cheaper than the other usual alternatives.

browser plug-in, browser extension, chrome extension
Pay the lowest exchange rate on Amazon through RateX

With their own version of RateX Clovers, RateX wants to rewards shoppers with cashback points as well and clovers are redeemable for cash, cryptocurrencies, gift cards or miles.

RateX works on Chrome and Firefox. Download here.


3. Amazon Assistant: Compare Amazon Products

If you love shopping on Amazon, then you need the official Amazon Assistant plug-in. It compares products across Amazon so you know you’re getting the best price. Amazon Assistant proactively shows you Amazon’s best offer and ratings for products you are browsing online.

browser plug-in, browser extension, chrome extension
Compare prices of Amazon products

Another cool feature is their Universal Wish List. You can compile all your online favorite deals from Amazon and other websites in one convenient extension. We’ve tried it, and it really helps to make your shopping experience less messy.

Amazon Assistant is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Download here.


4. Camelizer: Track Price History of Amazon Products

The Camelizer plug-in comes from CamelCamelCamel, a website that has everything to do with price-tracking on Amazon and nothing about camels. The Camelizer helps you easily view historical pricing data for Amazon products directly whilst on Amazon. It offers complete price history data, so you have a rough gauge of what’s a good price.

browser plug-in, browser extension, chrome extension
Find price history of Amazon products

With The Camelizer, you can also set price alerts via email and/or Twitter so you know when it’s your best price to buy.

The Camelizer is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Download here.


5. InvisibleHand: Find the Best Travel and Hotel Deals 

Mainly built for travellers in mind, InvisibleHand is an extension that’s all about finding the best deals on flights, hotels and rental cars. It will automatically find the lowest price when you search for travel online.

Recently, it has expanded into automatic price comparisons and notifies you if the product you’re shopping is available for less at other sites.

browser plug-in, browser extension, chrome extension

InvisibleHand works with the most popular airlines and travel sites in the UK & US and supports hundreds of airlines & thousands of hotels.

InvisibleHand works on Chrome and Firefox. Download here.


6. Thieve AliExpress: Browse Curated AliExpress Deals 

AliExpress is another popular merchant amongst Singaporeans, but browsing AliExpress might be challenging for some. Here comes Thieve: Thieve is a daily curated list of the best deals on AliExpress. With the Thieve browser extension, shoppers can check the Thieve product score, reviews and seller feedback easily.

browser plug-in, browser extension, chrome extension
Browse curated AliExpress products

Using Thieve, you can right click any image on the Internet to search for the same products on AliExpress.

Thieve works on Chrome and Firefox. Download here.


7. Shopback Cashback Button: Activate Cashback Easily

Shopback is a cashback site that allows shoppers to earn cashback at hundreds of merchants. For avid Shopback users, we encourage you to download the ShopBack Cashback browser extension. It notifies you when you are shopping at a Shopback-supported merchant, so you can easily “Activate Cashback” and not visit ShopBack’s website again.

browser plug-in, browser extension, chrome extension
Activate Shopback Cashback easily

Shopback Cashback Button also displays all the top merchants with cashback, so you can simply browse and discover merchants on the extension.

Shopback is available on both Chrome and Firefox. Download here.


8. Thinkover: Organize Your Online shopping

Sometimes, online shopping is messy. You usually open up different shopping sites to compare prices. The Thinkover browser extension helps you manage the things you want to buy in one place.

browser plug-in, browser extension, chrome extension
Organize your online shopping deals

Thinkover’s technology allows you drag & drop any item from any store into your “Thinkover Place”, so you can really consider each and every purchase. You can organize them into different collections, compare the deals and even share them with your friends!

Thinkover works on Chrome and Firefox. Download here.



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