How to Hack Shopping on Amazon From Singapore [2019 Update]

Amazon used to offer free shipping to Singapore if your total purchase value is above US$125 – but not anymore. Also, finding a good deal from an inventory of items as massive as that of Amazon is no walk in the park.

This, however, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t shop on Amazon anymore! We’re here to show you just how you can hack Amazon to make shopping on it great again. This guide is guaranteed to help you save your shopping experience by making it smoother, faster, and cheaper!

  1. What to buy on Amazon
  2. Finding special deals 
  3. Pay lesser on Amazon
  4. Other shopping hacks

What to buy on Amazon?

Amazon is known for being the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace. With a presence in 12 markets, over 5 million marketplace sellers, and more than 3 billion products across 30 categories available on the platform, you are going to be spoiled for choice. 

Here are some of the best selling items on Amazon:

  1. Toys & Games
  2. Electronics
  3. Camera & Photo
  4. Video games 
  5. Books 
  6. Clothing, Shoes & Jewellery 

Think about the many items online clamouring for your attention. How do you sift through them quickly to find only what appeals to you?  

Finding special Amazon deals

Join Amazon’s mailing list. As much as you’d want emails on special deals and discounts, getting the right deals for only the products you want is going to save you a lot of time and hassle. 

Customize the list of items/categories that you are interested in. Just go to to filter through the categories and sign up for what you have your eye on.

Shop more efficiently using search filters

Don’t you hate it when you find an item on Amazon that you like and you’re ready to go through with the purchase, only to spot the dreaded “it’s not available for shipping to Singapore” disclaimer? Clear those out-of-reach items out of your search results by simply ticking the “Ship to Singapore” box under the “Refine by” section of the search filters, as seen below:‍

‍You can also tick the “Amazon Prime” and the “Eligible for Free Shipping” boxes to further narrow your search.

Browse Amazon’s Gold Box Deals + Warehouse Deals

Amazon’s Goldbox Deals is a great section if you’re a savvy shopper. Amazon’s Gold Box Deals section highlights catalogue items on lightning sales that have huge discounts but which expire in a window period of 1 to 2 hours. Have fast fingers but missed the lightning sale? Fret not. Your next best option would be the items categorised under Deal of the Day.

On Amazon, you can find discounts every day if you know where to look. Why wait for Black Friday? With this hack, you’ll be having a  Black Friday shopping spree all day, every day. 

Used Items- Amazon Warehouse

There are third-party sellers and other individuals who sell used items on Amazon Warehouse. These are marked as “used” items, and though some of these are often brand new, they are sold at a huge discount. Some of these items are eligible for Prime or Super Saver shipping. That said, be mindful of cheap products with shipping costs more expensive than what you are paying for the product itself.

Another good place for discounted items is the Amazon Outlet, where new items that are out of season or discontinued are sold at a discount.

Pay lesser on Amazon

Keep an eye on prices with camelcamelcamel

You can start by checking out prices on camelcamelcamel. This site shows you the history of an item’s price changes, and is a great way to keep an eye on your favourite products for good deals. On camelcamelcamel, you can keep track of items when the prices drop and reach your desired price range. You can even import your Amazon wishlist directly into camelcamelcamel. 

Buy cheaper books with Cheap River

Believe it or not, it can actually be cheaper to buy English books from different international Amazon sites thanks to this cool website called Cheap River.

Cheap River searches,,,, and to find the cheapest books for you.

One big plus is the pricing – here, the shipping and delivery costs are already calculated and summed up for you.

Pay with RateX

The RateX browser extension offers zero transaction fees, and provides the lowest exchange rates for your foreign currency purchases. You can save up to S$18 for every US$125 spent that qualifies you for free shipping.

Here’s how it works: RateX offers and automatically applies the best exchange rate at checkout for you. It can also automatically search for coupon codes and apply the best promo codes for your favourite merchants. It’s completely free, all you have to do is download it and it’s all ready for use.

Get discounts by not checking out right away

Here’s an interesting idea…

Try adding items you want to your shopping cart, but then don’t go through with the purchase.

After a few days, you’ll get a reminder email from Amazon telling you that you have items left in your cart, asking you to complete your purchase. This is known as “shopping cart abandonment” in the industry.

Amazon, like most business, want you to buy. So, in order to entice you to go through with the purchase, they’ll give you exclusive coupons and discounts that only people who have abandoned their shopping carts will receive.

Good things can come to those who wait. So, if you don’t mind waiting to get what you’re buying, it might really be worth the wait.

Sign up for Amazon Prime for free

‍Joining Amazon Prime gives members free 2-day shipping without a minimum order size when you shop Prime-eligible items on Amazon. Membership fees are paid annually, but it’s available for a 30-day trial, which works great for those shoppers who do not wish to commit to a plan just yet.

If you do decide to sign up for the Amazon Prime trial, check that you’ve disabled “Amazon Prime Automatic Upgrade” under your Prime Membership information. Otherwise, it will automatically update your trial to a paid version after 30 days.‍

Other shopping hacks

Get a price drop refund

Prices on Amazon change frequently, but don’t feel bummed that you didn’t get your item at a better price. If the price of something you buy falls in the week following your purchase, you’re entitled to a refund of the difference!

You can claim this in one of the several ways, including email, chat, or on the phone. Note that this only applies to items sold and shipped by Amazon. Amazon also provides a selling outlet for many third-party suppliers, who would have their own price match policies, if any.

Use freight forwarding services if your items don’t ship to Singapore

UClick2Buy specialises in delivering from the US, and the moment you sign up with them, they’ll give you a U.S. address to use.

One great service they provide is that they have a time and cost calculator to show you exactly how much your shipping will cost, and how long it’ll take for the package to reach you. If you’re not sure how much it weighs, they even have a live quote service where you just type in the URL of your product and they’ll let you know exactly how much it’ll cost you! Convenient, efficient, and overall you can avoid double, or triple-paying expensive shipping charges.

Amazon Hacks For Everyone

With all these hacks, there isn’t any reason why you should ever feel that Amazon is difficult to navigate or use! Try them out for yourself, and you’ll find shopping on Amazon a breeze. If we missed out a hack a two that you know of, we’d love to hear from you!