Cheap Summer Outfits Under $15 From Taobao

Overwhelmed by the agony of choice at Taobao? Going for a beach holiday soon? Look no further! We scoured through the good and the bad and we found 8 high-quality shops that offer fashionable clothing, swimwear and accessories! They have great reviews and will not burn a hole in your bank account. If you get bored with your clothes easily, this is the guide for you. Why shop at the boutiques who re-sell fashion from Taobao when you can get it straight from the source instead?

If you are a beginner, you might want to check out our Taobao Shopping Guide first!

You can’t say no to these clothes

In love with brands like Reformation and Realisation Par but can’t afford them? Don’t fret. We found the perfect shops for a lot of amazing good copies for a fraction of the original price tag! Bet you didn’t know of these Taobao gems.

1. SisJuly欧美女装

Whether you are after something casual or a style that is fancier, this shop would be perfect for you. Sophisticated yet edgy, it offers style versatility.

2. 365恋衣坊

Embrace your femininity with the flowy pieces offered. Couple it with a basket bag to complete the perfect summer look! Shop the hottest trends and never repeat your boring outfits again.


Focuses mainly on wild and intricate patterns and exotic textures, the pieces offered are sure to get you noticed. This shop is the most pricey of the lot but they offer a wide selection of designs which we haven’t been able to find in other shops. They’ve got a unique offering which we believe is worth spending a lil’ more on.

4. 陈姑娘的女装店

The ultimate wardrobe essentials for the summer. From breezy hemlines to billowing sleeves, this shop offers the best staple pieces for every girl’s closet.

More holiday essentials – Swimwear and Accessories

Keep up with the latest trends when it comes to accessorising. You know these can make or break an outfit. If you’re an accessory junkie, this is the perfect shop for you to help expand your collection or give that pop of colour in your outfit.

5. 关于泳衣那些事儿

If you’re always on the hunt for a swimsuit to accentuate your natural curves while providing enough coverage to keep you comfortable, this shop would be perfect for all the monokini swimsuit lovers out there!


Delicate and dainty, these accessories can elevate your outfit effortlessly and it’s hard not to fall in love with these killer pieces!

If all these look familiar, it’s because high street fashion brands have the same designs too, why not get them from these shops instead.

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