Cheat Sheet: Online Sales in Singapore – Pro Tips Included

Online sales

Online shopping is almost second nature to Singaporeans. Lazada, Amazon, Taobao, Sephora are just among the few that are household names to our shopping vocabulary. And the numbers show it, too — Singaporeans are among the top online shoppers in Southeast Asia, especially when it comes to cross-border shopping. 

We’ve put together this handy guide and collated the best tips from seasoned shoppers. The online sales season are compiled in a calendar below to make it easier for you to mark the dates. Get your items on sale every time!

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Other Sales

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Here’s a summary of the big online sales and when to look out for them.

Every Singaporean's Online Sales Guide
Every Singaporean’s Online Sales Guide

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Lazada Supermom Sale 2017
(Source: Lazada Supermom Online Sale 2017)

When: 2nd Sunday of May for Mother’s Day, 2nd Sunday of June for Father’s Day
Mother’s Day – Recommended items to buy: Jewellery, perfume, flowers, cute ornaments, “gift-worthy” household items, spa vouchers, hotel vouchers, handbags, SKII’s Anti-aging products, Eu Yan Sang Superior Bird’s Nest
Father’s Day – Recommended items to buy: Men’s shirts, belts, ties, pants, shoes, watches, wallets, cologne, tech items, sports gear, wine, OSIM massage chairs

The next online sales event you should be looking out for is Mother’s day – be good to your mother everyday but especially on 13 May. Any kind of major “day” celebration will have online stores running sales for their loyal customers. Days and even weeks coming up to the date, be on the lookout for major shopping sites offering discounts and coupon codes for gift items. Hotels or spas would most likely offer promos for staycations to pamper your parents (or you, if you’re the parent).

Pro tip: This is easily one of the best times of the year to also buy more mid-range branded accessories and apparels on a fat discount with your skinny wallets!

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Great Singapore Sale

Singapore's Finest
(Source: Singapore’s Finest)

When: June to August 
Recommended items to buy:

Nothing says Singapore shopping like the GSS! A full two months of retail therapy for Singaporeans and tourists alike, the Great Singapore Sale is a Southeast Asian haven for any shopaholic. While it’s known for sales for physical stores along Orchard Road, Chinatown, and the like, online shops ride on the hype, too, and run similar promos and sales for their sites.

Pro tip: Beat the GSS crowd by shopping on online stores like Lazada who boasts up to 90% discount and Zalora who offers free delivery for your items – GSS shopping can be waaaayyyy more comfortable from your couch.

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National Day

(Source: TodayOnline)

When: August 9
Recommended items to buy:
 Almost everything to be honest. But especially red shirts, white shirts, red pants, white pants, red dresses, white dresses, red ties, white ties…. you get the point

Shopping isn’t the first thing that comes to mind on National Day, but it is a major holiday (remember what we said above). The national holiday is a big sales day for merchants all over, with companies from Uber to Honestbee to even brick-and-mortar retailers churning out deals and promos around this time. Promotions last anywhere between a day, a weekend, or a whole week, so keep your eyes peeled for participating merchants!

Pro tip: Trust me, this is the best time of the year to free yourself and treat yourself. Almost everything will be going for 50% ++ OFF, this includes various staycations, 1-for-1 fine dining, hair styling and even flowriding in Sentosa!

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Singles Day – 11.11

Footwear News
(Source: Footwear News)

When: November 11
Recommended items to buy:
Taobao’s boutique clothes, shoes, watches, beauty products, tech items, baby supplies

Legend says pro online shoppers hibernate the entire year to gather energy and quick reflexes for this day – While Singles Day originally started out in Nanjing, China as a day to celebrate the singlehood, e-commerce giant Alibaba has since turned it into an epic shopping holiday. This day alone would amass billions of dollars in sales, and in 2017, Alibaba set a record for processing almost 1.5 billion transactions within 24 hours. That’s a lot of shopping.

If there’s any day in the year you should do your shopping on Taobao, Tmall, or Alibaba, this day is it. November 11 — 11.11. But this doesn’t mean you should focus only on Taobao and Alibaba. Chances are other stores will be following suit, so be prepared to start cashing in on discounts like crazy.

Pro tip: The best deals always go out of stock real quick. Start shopping days earlier, get your items in the shopping cart and click that purchase button immediately when the deals come in! Also, have RateX installed on your browser so you bag even bigger savings for your Taobao purchases with lower exchange rates.

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Black Friday

Lawyers, Guns & Money
(Source: Lawyers, Guns & Money)

When: The first Friday after Thanksgiving Day in the US
Recommended items to buy: 
U.S. based store apparels, anything from Amazon that ships to Singapore

Black Friday is a US sales holiday, but just because it’s halfway across the world doesn’t mean Singaporeans can’t join in. While many other sites (American Eagle Outfitters, Urban Outfitters, Victoria’s Secret, Abercrombie & Fitch), will most likely have their own Black Friday online sales on the U.S. sites, what you should take advantage of is buying items off Amazon.

Pro tip: Black Friday usually starts on Amazon about a week earlier. They tend to have daily lightning deals and press release on great buys so check them out early. Also, consider signing up for Amazon Prime Now trial during this period to get your items cheap and fast!

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Cyber Monday Online Sales

When: The first Monday after Thanksgiving Day in the US, alternatively the Monday after Black Friday
Recommended items to buy:
Headphones, TV, Xbox, PS4, game consoles, tech items

For those who haven’t had enough during the Black Friday online sales, then you’ve still got a chance to go wild on the Monday after. Despite its name, Cyber Monday isn’t just about tech or electronics. (Case in point: Zalora has a dedicated Cyber Monday page.) The term was coined to describe how Americans would shop using high-speed internet connections at work after a weekend of window shopping. However, the best deals are frequently tech items.

Pro tip: When you’re preparing for Black Friday, make sure you’re also getting ready for Cyber Monday – have a backup plan. Tech items sometimes get cheaper over the weekend, wait for the price-drop if you are willing to risk it. Otherwise, check out their refund policy and see if you can book a good deal on Black Friday while waiting. It’s definitely going to be a long shopping weekend for everyone.

12.12 Online Fever

The Honeycombers
(Source: The Honeycombers)

When: December 12
Recommended items to buy:
Zalora’s clothes, beauty products, travel packages

Not unlike Alibaba’s 11.11 sales, Zalora started their own sales holiday not too long ago. Slated on December 12 of every year, Zalora’s 12.12 Online Fever is a 24-hour shopping spree for fashion and beauty lovers.

Zalora isn’t the only one doing this sale. Now that it’s been established for the past few years, more and more merchants are following suit: JetStar, Qoo10, and Lazada are just a few of those who rode the Online Fever bandwagon.

Pro tip: If you caught the travel bug late this season, this is the day to grab last minute cheap tickets for a trip! Be prepared to go wherever the leftover tickets will take you. But book it any time else and the prices will probably scare your bug away.

Christmas and New Year

When: November to December
Recommended items to buy:
Plane tickets, chocolates, turkey, ham, fine dining vouchers, soft toys, cute stationery, new planners and CHRISTMAS TREES!

Shopping for gifts, shopping for out-of-town trips, shopping for food, shopping, shopping, shopping — Christmas and New Year are two close-knit seasons that will have every shop online pushing out deals to everyone. The sales start as early as November of the year, so stick your feelers out as early as you can. You might just save a lot on buying Christmas gifts for everyone.

Pro tip: Plane tickets for Christmas trips out of the country during this period are best bought in October. We recommend you buy the tickets early if you have somewhere you really want to go. If you missed it, hang on for the 12.12 ticket sales! Big stores will be looking to clear their stocks for the year so keep a look out for awesome promotions.

Chinese New Year

SG Food on Foot
(Source: SG Food on Foot)

When: Varies every year, but usually sometime in January or February
Recommended items to buy: Lots of food and Yu Sheng sets, Chinese New Year goodies, household items and appliances

Chinese New Year doesn’t exactly translate to “buy, buy, buy,” but online sales pop up left and right during this season. Food will be a priority buy for many families so grocery sites like Redmart will be pushing out sales and deals on those. Shopee did the same, and included household items and appliances in their inventory of deals.

Pro tip: Redmart usually offers cheap cleaning supplies in bulk for spring cleaning. Stock up on your wiper wet sheets for the rest of the year or even take the opportunity to get your home an upgrade and buy a vacuum robot on sale from Lazada!

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Other Sales To Look Out For

Bonus: These sales happen yearly, too, but aren’t tied to a specific sale season. Still, it’s worth checking them out!

Baby Fairs

Mothercare Baby Fair 2018
(Source: Mothercare Baby Fair 2018)

When: January to March
Recommended items to buy:
Milk bottles, milk powder, breast pumps, diapers, baby clothes, baby accessories, baby toys, educational puzzles for toddlers, strollers

Parenthood is a big and wonderful journey to make in everyone’s life. In fact, it is such a profound transformation that there are annual fairs dedicated to the event. From online sales to warehouse sales to big conventions, these stores got you covered! With massive discounts for over 60,000 products & over 400 brands for some fairs, it is definitely something all parents should not miss.

Pro tip: These online sales are great for pregnant or new moms to shop independently. Sign up for the newsletter or follow the relevant Facebook groups for updates. There are usually coupon codes that are applicable even for sale items!

List of fairs to look out for:
January Mothercare Baby Fair, Redmart Baby World Fair, Bove Mummy and Baby Fair & Baby World Fair
February Babyland Fair
March – Supermom Baby Fair

IT Shows

CEE 2017
(Source: CEE 2017)

When: March to September
Recommended items to buy:
 Anything vaguely relevant to tech and electronics, laptops, desktops, hard drives, SSDs, cameras, e-scooters, phone accessories, cooking appliances, sewing machine

These annual shows are the reason you see half the nation go through a tech upgrade in the same season. You are in for a surprise if you are under the impression that IT shows only bring you laptops and PCs. You can find anything ranging from cameras and smartwatches to e-scooters and cooking appliances! So bring your wife, and your kids, there’s a great find for everyone.

Pro tip: While prices may not always be lower at these IT shows, they are always more than willing to throw in a good freebie or two. Strike up a good conversation with the bosses of smaller stores and you might find yourself with a free gaming chair or more!

List of fairs to look out for:
March –
IT Show, Newstead Technologies
May – CEE Show
June – PC Show
September – COMEX Show


ADEX 2018 Online Sales
(Source: ADEX 2018)

When: April
Recommended items to buy: 
All-in-1 dive packages including travel tickets, food, lodging and dive equipment rentals for your open water dive license

The largest annual dive expo in Asia for the adventure seekers. Whether you’re a diver-to-be who wants to get your open water dive license or a divemaster who is looking to buy new equipment, this expo will be able to cater to all your needs! Book your trips to nearby islands like Bali or exotic locations like the Maldives with the best training agencies. They often open up the same promotions and offers online so check out their websites in this period.

Pro tip: They often offer packages at a discount for groups of 2 to 4 so go with your travel buddies and ask to book one-way tickets if you want to continue to travel in the region! This is also a good opportunity to gather accurate information about the best dive sites and months throughout the year.

NATAS Travel Fair

NATAS Fair 2018
(Source: NATAS Fair 2018)

When: March
Recommended items to buy: Plane ticket, cruise tickets, book hotel rooms, travel packages, tour packages

A must-go event for avid travellers – this fair offers the best deals from many travel agencies and banks. If you’re a tad too lazy to travel across the island to expo, online travel tickets tend to drop in prices during the same period too. Check it out and start booking them cheap tickets for the summer!

Pro tip: Remember to clear your browser cache and cookies before you pay for your flight tickets to avoid getting overcharged by some sites. In fact, use an incognito browser to surf for slick travel deals to make sure you get the best prices and fly on Tuesdays for cheaper tickets!

There is always a sale going on in Singapore so look out for the right items to buy each month and never buy anything at its original price again!

Note: This post is a work in progress and will be reviewed and updated consistently. Keep us bookmarked and check back whenever you need to!

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