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Shoppers Assemble – FREE shipping for Taobao is here!

Amidst all the hype and preparation merchants in Singapore are going through for GSS, a big player has also decided to join the scene this year! 

Taobao warriors – you better start clearing your schedule for some massive shopping. There are 3 main promotions going on, so don’t get confused and read on! Or jump right into it:

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Tmall Signature Store Launch

Taobao – Tmall

Haven you heard? Taobao is launching the TMall Signature Store aka 天猫全球官方店 today. To celebrate, all items purchased from 17-20 May will be air shipped for FREE! Excited? Here’s how you can shop to enjoy free shipping:

Desktop: Go to


  1. If you’re shopping from your phone, download the Taobao Shopping App from your app store or play store. Note: The app is in Chinese and can’t be translated to English

    Mobile App
    Download the Mobile App!
  2. Set the Taobao app location to Singapore

    Change Your Location to SG
    Change Your Location to SG
  3. Wa-la! Find the Tmall Signature Store and start adding items to your cart.

    Tmall Signature Store
    Tmall Signature Store

What is so special about the TMall Signature Store?

Tmall is an official store that’s run by the Taobao Overseas team. Items sold in Tmall are specially picked for overseas users and must have met a certain standard in terms of quality and popularity amongst their overseas shoppers.

So instead of having to double check reviews of the seller’s credibility, you already know they’re the best products. Go ahead and shop with the confidence Tmall has vested in you! Other benefits include:

  1. All shipping is handled by Taobao’s designated freight forwarder so you don’t have to find and choose one yourself.
  2. All items purchased from said store will enjoy 7 days money back guarantee as long as you have the receipt! Have no fear even if damaged goods are near – simply return the item to the designated location in Singapore and the refund will be processed ASAP!
  3. Here’re the terms & conditions for the curious bunch

What if I don’t like the Tmall Signature Store items? There is still good news for you!

Taobao Pre-GSS Sale

Get RMB200 OFF your sea shipping when you make your Taobao purchases between 17 – 20 May. What’s that about and how can I get that? The pros have done their research:

Desktop: Visit

Tip: If you’re shopping from your desktop, download RateX browser extension and use it when you checkout to get both 200RMB off shipping fees and the best exchange rates. Best of both worlds!


  1. Download the Taobao shopping app on your mobile device.

    Download the Mobile App
    Download the Taobao Mobile App
  2. Set the locations on your mobile app to Singapore. Once again, note that the app is in Chinese and can’t be translated into other languages.

    Taobao – Change Your Location to SG
    Change Your Location to SG
  3. Accumulate a buy order of 200RMB and above from 17 – 20 May and earn a whopping 200RMB OFF sea shipping to Singapore!

    Pre-GSS Sale
    Pre-GSS Sale

Mission Exploit Taobao!

  1. Purchase up to 20kg worth of products using sea shipping, or a small luggage worth (49cm x 49cm x 49cm)
  2. 19kg x 9.4 (Cost for subsequent KG) + 26 (cost for first KG) = 204.6 RMB
    204.6 RMB – 200 RMB (discount rate) = 4.6 RMB

Get in on it already!

New sea shipping rates
New Sea Shipping Rates

Here’s an update on the new sea shipping rates! Dex will be Taobao SG’s official sea shipping partner – check out the new rates in the picture. From 17 May onwards, you will have the option of choosing to pay either by CBM (per cubic volume) or KG.

UOB Cash Rebates & Other Flash Deals

UOB card members – rejoice! During this period, you will be entitled to S$10 cashback with min. S$200 spend. Shop quickly as it’s only available for the first 1,000 redemptions!

Flash deals alert!

Taobao is also giving out shopping vouchers and flash deals right now! They are offering all kinds of crazy prices for selected products at certain times of the day. I caught a $100 Xiaomi Webcam going for $40 and a $263 Dibea Vacuum Robot at $190. Sick.

Yep, that’s it. Happy shopping!

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