Groupon – Pay with RateX!


We are now LIVE on Groupon!

That’s right — you can start using RateX to save on shopping on Groupon. Starting today, you can now benefit from lower exchange rates and savings from coupon codes when you shop on Groupon!

Now, before you start doubling down on your shopping list, do read up below on how to use RateX with Groupon.

Using RateX for Groupon Online Payments

To enjoy the benefits, please make sure you have RateX installed to your browser first! We are currently available on both Google Chrome and Firefox – here’s a guide to get you started.

For Groupon, we’re able to do the same, but you’ll need to set up your Groupon account in a specific way. Otherwise, it will count as a purchase in SGD and the savings won’t apply. Here’s how to go about it:

Step 1: Check out your item/s and key in the required details. Make sure that the shipping address entered is a US-based address. If you do not have a US-based address, you can use freight forwarding companies. 

Groupon – Step 1
Enter a US based shipping address

Step 2: Click on the “Pay” button on the RateX extension.

You will be prompted to enter your payment details with RateX and submit the payment. Simply click “Pay” on the RateX extension to complete the payment! However, if you did not enter a U.S. shipping address, we will not be able to process the payment.

Groupon – RateX Payment
Pay with RateX

Step 3: Submit the payment and wait for your item to be delivered!

Groupon – Payment Successful
Payment Successful

You’re done! This screen will pop up once the a successful transaction has been processed. Do ensure that Groupon has processed your order as well.

Using RateX for Groupon Coupon Codes

Along with the payments service, we are also now aggregating coupon codes for Groupon.

To apply coupon codes for Groupon, it’s still as straightforward as before. Once you reach the checkout page, RateX will ask if you’d like to apply any available coupon codes to your purchase. You can use the “Auto-Apply” button to help you apply the best coupon code for the most savings. Here’s a Groupon deal for you!

Note: Sorry for the mathematical mistakes! The prices above are now accurate.

Excited to try it out yourself? If you haven’t already, make sure to download the RateX browser extension here and sign up for a RateX account. Once done, head on over to Groupon and start shopping!

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