Say Hello to RateEx: The People’s Ex Rating Platform


Finding the best deals and finding the right partner have a few things in common. For starters, the good ones are hard to find, if they’re not already taken. And sometimes, we realise we are making bad choices in partners far too late.

In line with our mission to educate our shopping community on how to save and pay less when you shop online, we thought it would also be great to educate everyone on how to avoid the duds in romance. Why make the mistakes of tomorrow when you can learn from the stories of exes past?

Today, we are happy to announce a new feature in our product. We present to you: RateEx, the people’s ex rating platform.

Yes, you heard that right. We are soon launching a new social feature where people can #RateYourEx. Because while you can exchange or return defective items you bought online, you can’t exchange your ex for better memories, so why not immortalise them for posterity instead? 

Here’s How It Works

1. Submit stories of your exes

It starts with a submission. Suffered through a horrible relationship? Got yourself a TOTGA when you thought it would be happily ever after? It doesn’t matter if you write in Chinese, English or Melayu. Write whatever you want and we’ll make sure to let the whole world know.

And yes, you absolutely can submit your stories anonymously. The perfect platform to let it all out without fear of retaliation.

2. Upvote your favourite stories from other people

There’s nothing like the feeling of someone echoing your every “ugh” when you rant about your exes. We want to replicate that feeling on RateEx. Like, comment, react — share in the joy/pain of the RateEx community members!

You know what they say — misery loves company, and in a world full of jaded lovers, that’s big company.

Like, Comment, React

3. See where your exes stand!

If you’re going to play the game of love, might as well win even though you lost out in it. Share your best stories about your exes — for your sake, we hope you don’t have too many to share — and you could find yourself leading the Scoreboard as one of our top stories.

Hit the Scoreboard


Eager to get everyone to #RateYourEx? We’ll be launching this feature soon for all the broken-hearted people out there in Singapore. Watch out for it!