Here’s probably why you are using Amazon wrong

Even after taking advantage of Amazon’s free shipping and tracking all the price drops to make sure you’re getting the best deals, what could possibly be wrong?

Long answer short, you’re basically not shopping on the other international Amazon sites (,,, etc).

What’s so wrong about that?

Prices may be cheaper on the other Amazon sites

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon JP

If you look for the exact same item on each website, you’ll find that (surprisingly) the prices are all different. In this case, I assumed that Amazon JP would be cheaper when purchasing the Nintendo Switch, but in actual fact, the price in the UK is the cheapest, saving us about $100!

  1. USD423 = SGD583
  2. £279 = SGD498
  3. 44,740¥ = SGD 548

You’re missing out on deals

Multiple websites mean multiple deal of the day pages. Since these deals are different for every Amazon international website, this means you’ll have more deals to pick and choose from!

You don’t get exclusive items

Some items can only be found in certain countries, and even if Amazon US doesn’t have the Pikachu plushie that you reeeeally want to buy, you can be sure that Amazon JP will have it. Also, for all the anime fans out there, be sure to check out the figurine section because there’s seriously lots of stuff that you don’t want to miss.

You’re wasting time searching for stuff that’s not there

It’s tough looking for non-English books on Amazon. They never seem to have a wide enough selection, and when you finally find the book on Google after giving up, it’s expensive to the point that you don’t want to buy it anymore. With’s book selection, you’ll never have to scour the internet for those books again. Not only do they have 10million over titles to choose from, you have the option of going onto Kindle and buying Chinese ebooks at ridiculously cheap prices. p.s. This works for Japanese books on as well!

Amazon UK is so HUGE on handmade gifts that they have a special dedicated section. Did you always find it hard to find the perfect gift? Now, not only can you send your loved ones a handmade gift, up to 60,000 sellers are able to customise your order!

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