How to Get an Amazon Kindle The Cheapest Way From Singapore

Reading Time: 2 minutes

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An eBook has a huge difference when it comes to reading compared to tablet and smartphone – its cheap, long-lasting and gives the eyes a much easier break than those glaring devices. Plus you will never be distracted with messages or emails which, more often than not, breaks the Zen mode while reading.

The best reader in the market today would definitely be Amazon’s Kindle – with an estimation of 70-80M devices cumulatively sold to date. The distinguishing features from the device (apart from torrenting e-books) would be its connection to Amazon’s content system. If offers a variety of secondary services, including movie and TV streaming and book lending.

However, Amazon does not ship to a Singapore address. If you are willing to fork out 30-50% more, you can get one at Lazada Singapore but since you’re reading this I guess you are a savvy Singaporean shopper and would never commit such a crime.

Here’s how you can get your hands on one (and guaranteed the cheapest possible way if you use our extension)

Get your Kindle via a Forwarding Service

Amazon does not allow users to ship a Kindle directly to Singapore, and assuming you do not have friends nor family in the States – you will have to use a forwarding service. Sites like Borderlinx, comGateway and vPost works.


1. Register for a FREE account with package forwarder – like UClick2Buy

One of the cheapest freight forwarder in Singapore!

2. Use the Virtual Address as shipping and billing address on Amazon

3. Shop as you would – choose your favorite Kindle, put in your card details and shipping options

4. At summary page – use our extension to save SGD18 and pay in SGD. We accept both credit card, debit card and bank transfer. Otherwise you can pay via Amazon using your credit card which cost roughly SGD$15-18 more

5. Package arrives at Virtual Address – Ship it back to your SG address for an extra charge of $20 or less. That’s it!

Easy and simple to use! 

How much does it cost:

Kindle Price (converted to USD at real exchange rate with no fees) + ~$20 forwarding cost. Total amount is near equivalent to a Kindle if you’d pay with other payment services

How much you save: ~ 7 plates of chicken rice

Other methods include like getting from local e-commerce or reseller (without warranty or support) maybe easier and faster but definitely NOT cheaper. If you are in an urgent need for one and do not mind the marked-up charges, visit or sites like SGKindleShop to get it.