How to save even MORE money this LAZADA 7th Birthday Sale – Lazada promo code, Cashback & more.

It’s the night before Lazada’s massive 7th birthday sale. But if you’re like me, you’ll still be searching high and low for any additional Lazada promo code and cashback promotions to maximise those savings.

There’s a bunch of hacks that you can do to save even MORE money this Lazada birthday sale, and they’re super easy too.


  1. Use Cashback sites such as RateX (up to 16%) or Shopback (up to 15%) to earn extra.
  2. Shop on curated Lazada deals sites: RateX
  3. Use Price Comparison Sites & Tools: iPrice Website or RateX Price Comparison Button
  4. Find Promo Codes Online: Picodi, Cuponation, RateX
    • download RateX extension to auto-apply all Lazada promo code rather than copy pasting one by one
  5. Pay with the right Credit Card: Miles or Cashback

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How to maximise your savings this Lazada Birthday Sale 2019:

1. Use Cashback sites to earn extra!

For 1 day only, RateX (up to 16%) & Shopback (up to 15%) are upsizing their cashback %! Perfect time to take advantage of this and double dip on discounts! Take note that you have to activate using your mobile and shop on Lazada mobile app.

DRateX – Up to 16% UPSIZED

How to earn Cashback on Lazada for RateX (Up to 16%)

  1. Head over to their Lazada promo page using your mobile phone.
  2. Make sure you have an account with them, if not sign up for one.
  3. Click on the button “Up to 16% Clovers UPSIZED” to activate the cashback (They call it Clovers which can be exchanged for Cash, Miles & Giftcards – suitable for those who prefer more versatile rewards.)
  4. Shop as usual on the Lazada mobile app and enjoy your cashback!
Shopback – Up to 15% UPSIZED

How to earn Cashback on Lazada for Shopback (Up to 15%)

  1. Download Shopback mobile app
  2. Make sure you have an account with them, if not sign up for one.
  3. Search for Lazada via the app
  4. Click to be redirected to the Lazada mobile app
  5. Shop as usual on the Lazada mobile app and enjoy your cashback!

2. Shop on curated deals pages

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the many deals on Lazada, you can check out our RateX Lazada Page where you’ll able to see the hottest Lazada deals that others are buying LIVE. 🔥 You never know, you might discover a HOT deal that others are buying!

3. Use Price Comparison Sites and Tools

Even though it’s Lazada birthday sale, the prices that they offer may not be the cheapest either. To always make sure that you’re getting the best price, use price comparison site iPrice. Or if you prefer a more seamless experience, try out our RateX extension – you don’t have to do anything but shop as you usually do.

RateX Price Comparison Button

How to use RateX Price Comparison Button:

  1. With RateX installed on your Chrome or Firefox browser, navigate to the item you would like to purchase on Lazada.
  2. RateX will automatically search and crawl the web for any better deals. If there’s a better deal out there, our Price Comparison button will appear and let you know!
  3. Click on our Price Comparison button and we will redirect you to the best deal. 
    P.s. The best deal could be lurking within the same site!
  4. Buy with confidence, knowing that you’re getting the best value possible. #RateXPriceComparison will save your life.

How to use iPrice Price Comparison site:

  1. Type the product that you are looking to purchase in the search bar
  2. Check out the results shown and shop!

The only disadvantage from using iPrice is that you will have to manually key in the products one by one to compare, before making your purchase.

4. Find Promo Codes Online

Never checkout before searching for promo codes! As long as there’s a promo code input field, that means there’s a promo code out there.

For promo code aggregators, you can check out Picodi, Cuponation and our RateX Lazada Promo Code page. And if you are lazy to copy paste all of these codes one by one, our extension can do it all for you with just ONE click! Seriously, try it out for yourself – it’s free to use.

RateX – Apply All Promo Codes with ONE click

5. Pay with the right credit card

Last but not lease, shop with the credit card that gives you the maximum rewards for your purchase! Depending on your preference for Miles or Cashback, there are certain cards that are more suitable for online shopping. If you’re not sure which one, check out our previous blog post here.

RateX is a browser extension that helps you to find, test and apply all promo codes with just one click. In addition, RateX provides you with the best exchange rates when you are shopping on overseas merchants, like Amazon. We currently work on over 100 shops such as Lazada, Shopee, Zalora and many more!

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