How to Travel, Not Work, but Still Earn More Money?

Unless you’re an avid travel-blogger or work in the airline industry, chances are you’re probably not going to make more money while travelling. On the contrary, you’ll inevitably be gutted each time – just think about the amount you forked out for your previous trip. Did it wipe out half of your bank balance?

So, what can you do? Sure, you could do some freelance work on the go to earn some money, but that forces you to work DURING your vacation, which kinda defeats the whole purpose of it in the first place.

What if there were ways to earn money whilst travelling AND not have to work at the same time? Now that’s bragable.

Here are the best ways to earn money (unlike your friends) while vacationing AND FEEL GOOD:

  1. Sell your travel photos
  2. Max out on the $500 overseas purchase not subject to GST and sell items
  3. Take up pre-orders
  4. Car-renting
  5. Rent your apartment out
  6. Another way to feel good if the above money-making methods don’t appeal to you: To be disclosed

1. Share your travel photos and videos with others

If you’re a normal, modern-day traveller like me, you’d probably take lots of photos when you’re vacationing. Regardless of whether it’s to make your friends feel FOMO or for general keepsake for your Instagram “#throwback” when you need a wanderlust moment to make you feel better after a bad day at work, why not earn some money off those photos you took?

Introducing Shutterstock, the online platform which most people probably know of, but have not yet realised the potential of.

Shutterstock has paid over $500 million to its contributors. Image source:

With Shutterstock, you can share your travel photos and videos and get paid (starting from US$0.25/download) each time someone downloads your content. (Granted, those photos and videos you took are not just those of you and your friends goofing around, of course). The best thing about Shutterstock is that you get to do this at no additional cost or time on your part, build your reputation as a photographer/videographer, and continue to get passive income for the rest of your life!

2. Sell goods through Carousell

Oftentimes, part of the fun of travelling includes shopping for items that are unbelievably cheap as compared to the same ones sold in Singapore (e.g. buying your LV bag in Paris, your Birkenstock sandals in Germany). Why not buy MORE when you’re on vacation and list them on the online marketplace Carousell?


With lots of Singaporeans vying to get their hands on good deals, it’s not hard to find buyers looking for a specific branded bag or a Japan-only Instant Ramen.

One point to take note, however, is that any purchase in excess of your GST relief amount – typically S$500 – would subject you to GST. Hence, do remember to make the necessary declarations and avoid becoming the subject of Straits Times’ next headline.

Pro-tip: Make a “pre-order” listing to ensure that whatever you buy can be sold at the price you want!

Even more pro-tip: If you’ve not enough luggage space, simply make room by throwing out the souvenirs you got for your friends and relatives!

3. Use Airfrov to buy goods for other Singaporeans

Airfrov is a platform that matches locals who want to buy things from overseas with travellers who are going to those countries.


As buyers usually ask for country-exclusive items, or limited edition items/collectibles like tumblers or shoes, it’s a great opportunity to earn some quick cash by buying what they want for them. The more you buy, the more you earn. Not to mention you get the THRILL of shopping without having to suffer from post-shopping guilt!

Simply filter out relevant buyer requests by posting your trip details (destination) to narrow down your request list.


The best thing about Airfrov is that for popular travel destinations like Taiwan, there are so many buyers that you could easily find one looking for an item right next to your accommodation. Painless, effortless money.

4. Rent out your Car

With Singapore being the most expensive place to own a car in the world, this is a guaranteed method that will earn you some easy money while you’re out vacationing. Why let your car run idle and bleed COE monies when you could easily rent it out?

After fulfilling all the necessary requirements for renting out your car, all there’s left to do with it is advertising it. Besides going through classifieds such as GumTree or online forums, the most efficient way to rent out your car is probably through Carousell. As of now, Carousell has already amassed more than 11 thousand car-rental listings on its platform that are easily accessible to its large Singaporean user base.

Caveat: When you’re considering renting out your car, do remember that in Singapore, individuals are not allowed to rent out their car through car-rental companies and they must also fulfill the necessary insurance needs before doing so.

5. Rent out your apartment when you travel

For longer vacations, earn even MORE by renting out your apartment.


There are a few avenues you can do this easily, such as Airbnb and Nestia. Simply list your apartment on either of these platforms and watch your money grow. Each of these apps boasts a significant user-base; with local lifestyle platform Nestia having 500 thousand downloads just via its Play store app alone.

Fun Fact: While there are several restrictions on renting out apartments in Singapore, it remains absolutely legal to do so, even if you live in an HDB apartment. Once you’ve considered all the guidelines above, you’re only left with listing your apartment on your preferred marketplace.

6. Want to travel, not earn anything, but STILL FEEL GOOD?

Why bother working hard to earn money on your holiday and NOT be able to enjoy it? FEEL GOOD by doing this: Just dump your smart, savvy friends who try to earn money through their holidays then.

No friends to compete with = PROBLEM SOLVED.

In summary, here is how you can earn (unlike your friends) while on a vacation:

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For an effortless (and completely free!) way to earn and save money, click on Ralph, our elf, below:

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