Inside Rate: The Story Behind Our Rebrand

Rebrand: The True Mark

We launched RateX back in December 2016 with a simple but powerful vision: help every shopper pay less when they shop online by giving them the mid-market exchange rates and aggregating coupon codes.

Why did we embark on a rebrand?

Fast forward a year later, RateX is no longer just a product. We’ve since built RateS, our mobile app and Rate3, a blockchain protocol for cross-border payment and credit scoring with its cross-chain architecture.

It is apparent that our current branding is inadequate now for the company’s broad range of new products and markets. We need an overall rebranding.  

Defining the Brand

We partnered with brand agency Ridiculous to craft our new brand. However, one big question remains: what does Rate stand for as a company?

A series of discussions later, we agreed on three keywords that we want Rate associated with:

  • Honesty: Our users feel comfortable in using any Rate’s products.
  • Credibility: Our users trust Rate completely.
  • Transparency: Our users have complete information on Rate’s products.


Rebranding Guidelines
Rebrand: Values
The Rebranding Process
The Rebranding Process

In the initial stages of redesigning our logo system, we faced difficulty breaking out of our existing mould. We tried straightening out the curves, giving sharper edges and cleaner lines – before giving it more roundness and radius for a softer look.

After multiple redesign iterations, we found ourselves building a system that could tie in the products and their respective essences. Then, it dawned on us: the True Mark, the motif that would eventually become integral to the new face of Rate.

The True Mark

Rebrand: The True Mark
The True Mark

In ancient times, Roman merchants used to check off lists with the letter V, a shorthand for the word “veritas,” signifying the items in the list were present in their stated quantities and quality. Over time, it evolved into the check mark that we know today.

The check mark is used as an acknowledgement, affirmation and a symbol of trust. The true mark not only represents all of that, but reminds us of our very own brand values — staying true to ourselves and only creating products that we ourselves would use.

Befitting of what Rate does and its vision for the future – the True Mark became the foundation for our visual identity.

New Visual Identity

Rebrand: Rate, RateX, RateS, Rate3
The New Logos

The True Mark is versatile. It allows us to create visual stories for each of our working products. Paired up with our base design for “Rate,” the Mark becomes dynamic across different products.


The X is made up of two checkmarks moving towards each other, boasting of the efficient transaction process that we pride our extension for. It represents our commitment in bringing you the smoothest and most seamless shopping experience on our platform.

Rebrand: RateX
Rebrand: RateX

For RateS, the logo was made to vaguely resemble a lightning bolt — a representation of the flash deals on our mobile app, and the speed at which we deliver the best deals to your fingertips.

Rebrand: RateS
Rebrand: RateS

Conceived at a later stage, Rate3 is the backbone of both our existing products –– RateX and RateS. It lies in the realm of the blockchain territory and challenges the future of all e-commerce. The sharp cuts and edges were introduced into the ‘3’ as a stark contrast, bringing forth it’s cutting edge technology and grand vision.

The Rebranding Process
Rebrand: Rate

The true mark is not simply a promise that we will deliver reliable and secure services to you. It constantly reminds us of our brand values: Honesty, Credibility and Transparency. When we are true to ourselves, we stay true to Rate and our users.

Future Visions

We have a grand vision for Rate and what we want to accomplish. It will definitely be a challenging journey ahead, but we’re confident our new identity will take us further. Our old visual identity was accessible, but too relaxed. Friendly, but too playful. Clean, but too simplistic. Our new rebranding has brought us flexibility through the True Mark. With this flexibility, we look ahead. Moving forward, we will look past Singapore, past Southeast Asia, to the global stage.


We are tackling huge and messy problems of payments and e-commerce, and we’re looking for the best and brightest minds to join us on this journey. If our vision resonates with you, join us today.