Introducing RateX Shopathon: the Massive Year End Shopping Fiesta

It’s nearing end of year now, and you know what that is! Shopping, promos, travel and more. Why not find the best promo codes for your online shopping easily?

RateX Shopathon is HERE! Browse all the best deals, shopping tips, promo and coupon codes in ONE SINGLE HUB. Nowhere else would you be able to find all your favourite online shops giving out discounts, promo codes, cashback and more prizes, all combined throughout the last 2 months in the year.

What is RateX Shopathon? The All-In-One Hub for Year-End Shopping! 

RateX Shopathon starts on 9 November 2018, and will run for 2 months till the end of year. There are 6 big shopping campaigns, each one with its own cluster of promotions, coupons and prizes across all shopping categories: fashion, beauty, travel, home and living, tech and much more. This shopping festival brings all your favourite merchants together to make sure you have the best shopping season yet.

Introducing Clovers: Cashback reward points, but even better

To make your online shopping experience even better, RateX is introducing BONUS new features to let you earn Clovers for your online shopping. Clovers are like cashback reward points, but even better. Instead of being rewarded with cashback directly, you get rewarded with Clovers – that you can redeem for cash (similar to cashback), cryptocurrencies (wait, what), giftcards and miles.

Yes, you heard that right! Read more about Clovers here.

#1: Single’s Day (3 – 12 November, with 11 Nov being the biggest day) 

Singles Day (11.11) is the BIGGEST offline and online shopping event in Asia with many merchants offering huge discounts and promos. With the countless sales from merchants popping up, we’ve pulled all of them together, right here. Read our Single Day 11.11 guide to learn more about the best shopping tip, merchants, and all you need to know about this massive sale. It started from Taobao and Alibaba, but other larger merchants like Lazada, Shopee, Qoo10 have all launched their own version of 11.11 sales.

Merchants: Taobao, Lazada, Shopee, Qoo10, Zalora (and most other big merchants)

Types of deals: All kinds of deals (fashion, gadgets, makeup, home and living items!)

Browse our 11.11 Deals page now! 

#2: Black Friday, and Cyber Monday (23 – 26 November)

Black Friday started as an offline shopping event. Shoppers came in droves because the day after Thanksgiving was typically a day off, making it the perfect day to shop. In stores. Then the internet happened, and Black Friday quickly spread around the world.

Cyber Monday began as the online world’s answer to the initially offline Black Friday.

Now, Black Friday is increasingly both brick-and-mortar, and online – while Cyber Monday is still predominantly an online “holiday”.

Merchants: Amazon, Walmart, Lazada, Shopbop, US-based store apparels

Types of deals: Tech gadgets, televisions, TVs, game consoles, headphones, computers, laptops

#3: Surprise Event (10 December)

Stay tuned, RateX is celebrating!

More details will be released very shortly. You definitely do NOT want to miss this event.

#4: Online Fever (12 December)

12.12 Online Fever was Southeast Asia’s answer to promote more e-commerce (and integration amongst e-commerce players) in the region. It started off with Zalora. Right after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you have 12.12 Online Fever coming up. It’s another huge shopping season – and reason to be merry! Coinciding with the festive period, you can tap on 12.12 Online Fever to shop for Christmas essentials.

Merchants: Zalora, Jetstar, Expedia, Agoda

Types of deals: Fashion, food, gifts, travel

#5: Christmas (14 – 25 December)

It’s the season to be merry and jolly, it’s Christmas! Look forward to many deals about food deliveries, meals and gifts for your loved ones. Is anyone looking forward to a sumptious turkey meal? We know we are!

Merchants: Most merchants will offer some sort of deals and promotions

Types of deals: Apparels, shoes, electronics, lifestyle products and even food promotions!

#6: New Year (1 – 3 January) 


To commerate the start of a new year, many merchants will offer splendid deals and promos as well.

Merchants: Grab, Deliveroo, Zalora, Lazada

Types of deals: Fashion, food delivery, transport, tech gadgets



Let’s make it an even greater shopping experience for you!

Prizes to be Earned

It’s really simple!

There are 5 tiers of lucky draw prizes to be won:

Lucky Tier (1,000 Clovers): 10 x S$5 Grab Vouchers

Bronze Tier (2,000 Clovers): 1 x S$50 SEPHORA Giftcard, and 1 x S$50 AMAZON Giftcard

Silver (5,000 Clovers): Google Home MINI

Gold (8,000 Clovers): Staycay @ M Social Boutique Hotel

Perfect (10,000 Clovers): 2 x Ed Sheeran Concert Tickets (Cat A!)


How It Works

It’s an automatic lucky draw.

If you have 2,000 Clovers in your account, you have 1 chance at winning BOTH the Lucky Tier (1 x S$5 Grab Voucher) and 1 chance at the Bronze Tier.

If you have >10,000 Clovers in your account, you have 1 chance at ALL the 5 tiers. Essentially, you have 5 chances at any prize.

That’s not all, stay tuned to more upcoming announcements!


Let’s Get Started!

If you don’t have RateX installed yet, download it on Chrome Store, or Mozilla store now!

Read our Clover guide in more detail.


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