Lazada can give you a free $50 right now

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Lazada has started giving out GSS deals. I repeat. Lazada has started giving out GSS deals!

You know what this means?

CHEAP stuff. Really cheap. And by cheap i mean up to 90% off!!! There’s just so much to buy this year, and if I show you what’s on offer, you’ll never leave this page. Seriously. But the question is, how do we get $50 for free?

Flash Deals

Flash deals are going on every two hours. Every. Two. Hours. The products refresh and you get a new page of items on crazy, crazy sales. This is how your $50 (or more) is gonna fly into your pocket. Look at the prices. They’re on discount. These offers will disappear in two hours and stocks are limited. This means that if you buy it, someone else can’t. And what will that person do? Buy it from someone else. That someone is going to be you.

Surprise Boxes

This is even more important. These are the $29 surprise boxes. They’re called surprise boxes because surprise! you don’t know what you’re actually paying for, but it’s going to appear in your mailbox anyway. But these are always the treasure chests. Since the retailers can always get better prices from their suppliers than us consumers can, that $29 is going to be sooooooo worth it, because you’re probably going to get stuff that’s worth more than $29. AND WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? It’s time to get your phones out and resell on carousell!!! But notice that in the image above, all of the boxes are out of stock. So it means you gotta go now! There are still other brands available, so go grab your box before it’s gone!

Coupon Codes

We love coupon codes. You do too! For these, we recommend you get pricier items. You know why? The savings are bigger, and the offers don’t last as long. Sure, looking through the products and all the coupon codes will probably take you a little bit more time, but 1 hour of work for $100? That’s a really great deal.

Lazada GSS Calendar

Last of all, remember to look at the Lazada GSS calendar so you can plan what to buy and when to buy it. It’d suck if you bought the Nintendo Switch at $600 on the 30th of June, only to find out that it’s $400 during the Lazada Tech Award sales (23-28June). Don’t say we didn’t warn you, so shop away!