Nintendo Switch Games are on sale now. Here’s how you can save even more.

In the world of video games, The Game Awards is a pretty big deal, highlighting some of the biggest games of the year. To help celebrate, Nintendo is offering winning deals on some of our favorite Nintendo Switch digital titles including games nominated in this year’s show and more.

The sale will end on 00:59AM Friday (SGT), so do hurry! 

However… you cannot buy with a Singapore debit/credit card, so here’s what you can do instead:


Step 1: Head over to Amazon and search “Nintendo eShop Gift Card” 


Step 2: Change your location of purchase to U.S

The eShop Gift Card doesn’t ship to Singapore, so you have to change the shipping address. If you don’t have a U.S. shipping address, you can read this post on freight forwarding.

You don’t have to use freight forwarding, it’s to get a U.S. shipping address to checkout.

Step 3: Use RateX to pay

With a U.S. shipping address, proceed to check out.

On the check out page, if you have RateX installed: you’ll see this screen:

You can pay with either your RateX wallet or debit/credit card.

If you do not have RateX installed yet, we highly recommend you to do so here. It’s free to install and installation takes less than 10 seconds!

Step 4: Check your email for the Nintendo gift card!

The gift card will be sent to your Amazon email address soon and you can use it to purchase the discounted Switch games on the store itself.

Browse all the deals here:

The sale will end on 00:59AM Friday (SGT), so do hurry! 

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