#TakeAdvantageOfUs Part 2: RateX Green Man takes over NUS

After taking over NTU previously, RateX Green Man heads over to NUS this time — with a bang! 

Following our successful invasion of NTU previously, the RateX Green Man set out to conquer NUS this time. We participated in SparkFest 2019, organized by NUS Student Union. The main bazaar-style event was held in University Town.

Apart from the usual booth and games, we’ve an additional surprise: a handmade photo-booth for NUS students! Students can get free Polaroid photos of themselves on the booth, if they help to share about RateX through Instagram.

Happy student taking with the RateX photobooth
Get free Polaroids at the photobooth!
Taking photos at the RateX photobooth

Where is the RateX Green Man?

Here comes the RateX Green Man!

Saying hello to the NUS Crowd~
RateX Green Man with Prudential Marina Bay Carnival mascot
With a student who looks way too embarassed!
Walking around UTown
#TakeAdvantageOfUs: Free Money!
Walking around UTown with a huge entourage
Convincing various exchange students that free money is for real!
Why are they using their teeth to take the $2?
The Green Man taking a lunch break with a fellow supporter

Overwhelming response as usual!

Here’s some of our favorite Insta-stories we’ve received!

Reposted by NUS official Instagram account!

We can’t save your grades, but we can save your money!

Our main message to NUS students:

We’ve had great fun in NUS and hope NUS students have as much fun as us!

Guess where we’ll be headed to next!

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