Now You Can Buy Your SAF Military Items On Taobao

Now You Can Buy SAF Military Items On Taobao


Alibaba Group’s mission is to make it easy to do business anywhere. It has definitely achieved that – we can now buy almost anything and everything off their various marketplaces (Taobao, Alibaba, etc.). Even SAF-issued gear and uniforms.

Yes, anyone can now buy SAF military items and dress like a NSF kudos to Taobao. With the list of items we’ve helped put together, you can readily steal the look and star in your very own Ah Boys to Men Movie without enlisting in the army.

(P.S. According to Mindef, selling SAF-issued gear is illegal. Although, we are not sure if it applies to lookalikes and foreign websites as well.)

(P.P.S  Anyhow, buy at your own risk. And remember, savings are on us.)


1. SAF Raincoat at 580 Yuan (S$120.96)

Gear up to the rainy season with this lightweight SAF raincoat. Made out of Gore-Tex, it is waterproof, windproof and breathable for any wearer. Apart from its obvious qualities it should have as a raincoat, it can be used more than 10,000 times before reaching its breaking point. Definitely built to last during survival times. Lookalike or not, we are giving a solid 10 out of 10 for its functionality, practicality and its ability to elevate your status from civilian to NSF in an instant. 

SAF Raincoat
SAF Raincoat (or Lookalike)


2. SAF No. 4 Uniform Top at 350 Yuan (S$72.99)

Cycling in Pulau Ubin or going camping soon? This No. 4 lookalike is sure to come in handy! Comes in a Singapore Digital Camouflage Print that will hide you so well that even your girlfriend wouldn’t be able to find you when she’s angry. Its thick green material will keep you hot but not bothered by the blood-sucking mosquitoes. On top of that, this amazing top is ready-made to get you through all sorts of thick, thorny bushes. Bonus: Even your paintball games! Gives you +10 Stealthiness and +5 Defense. A tad pricier than the Emart at Chevrons but we say it is worth every mozzie bite you will not get. Win.

SAF No. 4 Top
SAF No. 4 Uniform Top (or Lookalike)


3. SAF Pants at 140 Yuan (S$29.19)

Despite its debut in 2012, this pair of SAF camo-print pants is still in hot demand. Not only is it thin and quick to dry, its texture resembles that of a house rag. A nice touch of home woven into the fabric itself – a definite must-have in our book. Although It’s a little old, don’t worry if you are missing a button or two. The suppliers will be packing in extra buttons sans the sewing services just for that occasion. Extremely thoughtful.

SAF Pants
SAF Pants (or Lookalike)
SAF Pants Tag
In mint condition – tags included.


4. SAF Utility Shirt for 19 Yuan (S$3.96)

Just as its name promises, it is a utility shirt that you can use for any and every occasion. Lightweight and durable, it is bound to capture your adolescent heart once you put it on. Product testing includes sending it to tens of thousands who claims to have used it religiously for 22 whole months. Other qualities include: Helping you blend in with a large group of botak young men. Now comes in a variety of colours that you cannot find anywhere else. *wink* Get it on sale right away!

SAF Utility Shirt
SAF Utility Shirt (or Lookalike)

5. SAF Singlet for 12 Yuan (S$2.50)

Affordable. Durable. Comfortable. The only thing it’s missing is style. The round-neck collar, dirty green colour and larger-than-necessary armpit holes makes it one of the most sought after piece of activewear among Singaporeans. It can even be considered as an heirloom to be passed down through generations. That is, if it doesn’t keep you single for too long.

SAF Singlet
SAF Singlet (or Lookalike)


6. SAF Sticker at 29.90 Yuan (S$6.23)

Shout out to the good old times. We are throwing in a limited edition 2012 sticker for a sprinkle of nostalgia and your 1990s sticker book. We wait, with bated breath, for the day when someone makes this into a telegram sticker pack.

SAF Sticker
SAF 2012 Open House Sticker. Beautiful.

Comfort without compromise is the spirit of this whole collection. Get the whole ensemble today and transform yourselves into a NSF. Otherwise, do us a favour and just make the sticker pack already. We look forward to it.

If you are interested in reading more on the OG who discovered the goods, here you go.

Note: We are obliged to let you know that selling SAF-issued gear is illegal. And we take no responsibility whatsoever for your future purchases. Buy at your on risk, sign seven at your own risk and, as always, savings are on the house.