Taobao Guide Part III: What are the best buys on Taobao?


“Okay now I know how to shop on Taobao efficiently, is there anything I can buy other than clothes?”

People usually associate online shopping with buying clothes and electronics. What if we told you that you can buy all your furnitures on Taobao for a cheaper price without compromising on aesthetics?

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Here is part III of the Taobao guide to tell you guys what are some hot buys besides the usual clothing and accessories hauls!

Part 3: What are the best buys on Taobao?

Here’s a list of items and reliable merchants to buy them from!
A. Home Furnitures

B. Home Decorations
C. Kitchen Items
D. Toilet Accessories
E. Tips For Purchasing On Taobao

A. Home Furnitures

A chair in Singapore would have easily cost SGD 139 but buying the same chair on Taobao only cost SGD 120. And you don’t even have to leave from the comfort of your home!

Price difference for a Chair
Price difference for a Chair

Shipping may seem expensive for furniture, but if you compare it to local prices you can still save a good amount from Taobao. There’s also a wider range of choices available! Here are some of the popular styles and the more reliable Taobao merchants that users frequently shop on.

Minimalist design

Housing spaces are shrinking, but there’s a trick to utilise every inch of your house space! With this sleek minimalist wooden design furnitures, you can not only save space with these neat folding drawers but also add a modern touch to your living room with its sleek look.

Nordic style coffee table
Woodworked coffee table

This Sleek Wooden Table can be found under Taobao’s Official Store, Tmall, from Taobao Merchant – Milek Home Flagship Store with ratings of:
Description: 4.8, Service: 4.8 and Logistic: 4.8

Illusion of a Bigger House

With houses in Singapore being on the smaller side, we not only have to leverage on minimalist furnitures but also mirrors to give our homes the illusion of being big! Here are some items that can make your house look “bigger” in other ways.

Minimalist work table
Minimalist work table

This minimalist work table with very thin legs can cast such an illusion. These table legs do not take up a lot of space, thus making the room feel bigger by increasing available floor space! 

This Taobao merchant – Nordic Style Solid Wood Furniture has a rating of:
Description: 4.9, Service: 4.9, Logistics: 4.9 and a seller rating of 2 diamonds

Insert: Taobao Guide Part II and a brief explanation on seller ratings

B. Home Decorations

If you do not wish to purchase conventional furnitures but want something a little different, you may opt for more quirky decorations for your home!

Animal Wall Decorations

Animal walls
Animal walls

Always wanted your house to resemble the Great Savannah Plains of Africa? These wall decorations of the animals are like contemporary pieces of art that can improve the aesthetics of your home!

This item can be found under Taobao’s Official Store, Tmall, from Taobao Merchant – Jiyoujia with ratings of:
Description: 4.9, Service: 4.9 and Logistics: 4.9

Japanese Wooden Frame Decorations

Japanese Wooden Frames
Japanese wooden frames

Another decorative piece of furniture is this wooden frame with a mini bamboo vaseThese decorative pieces is beautifully crafted and adds a whimsical touch to your home.

This item can be found under Taobao’s Official Store, Tmall, from Taobao Merchant – Jiyoujia with ratings of:
Description: 4.8, Service: 4.9 and Logistics: 4.8

C. Kitchen Items

Besides cool furnitures or trendy clothes on Taobao, there is also a large variety of cheap and creative kitchen tools that can be found on Taobao!

Multi-Purpose Shredder

Multi-purpose shredder
Multi-purpose shredder

One such item is this multi-purpose shredder! This device is also accident-proof and helps you thinly slice all your items in a way where you will not cut yourself. What a brilliant device!

This item can be found under Taobao’s Official Store, Tmall, from Taobao Merchant – Jiyoujia with ratings of:
Description: 4.6, Service: 4.5 and Logistics: 4.4 

Multi-functional Shredder

Multi-functional shredder

This cutter saves you time slicing and dicing your food. In addition to its convenience, this is a much safer alternative to dicing on a chopping board. What a catch!

This item can be found under Taobao’s Official Store, Tmall with ratings of:
Description: 4.6, Service: 4.5 and Logistics: 4.4 

Handheld Food Processor

Handheld food processor
Handheld food processor

This handheld food processor will help you blitz through anything! From beating eggs to crushing nuts and mincing meat. Not only is this handheld and portable, cleaning it is also a breeze. But remember to double check that the voltage required for this product is compatible with your wall plug’s.

This item can be found under Taobao’s Official Store, Tmall, from Taobao merchant – Bearruiyi with ratings of:
Description: 4.9, Service: 4.8 and Logistics: 4.8

D. Toilet Accessories

Yes, just about any home item can be found on Taobao! You just have to look out for the merchants from Tmall or those with better seller ratings.

3-piece Shower Set

Buy Shower set
Shower set

This 3-piece Shower Set has a very slick finish and an overhead shower piece like those in fancy hotels. Bring luxury home with this shower set!

This item can be found under Taobao’s Official Store, Tmall with ratings of:
Description: 4.8, Service: 4.8 and Logistics: 4.8

E.Tips For Purchasing On Taobao

If you’re looking for furniture and new furnishing for your home, don’t hesitate to spend a few hours on Taobao. Make sure you take some precautions so you do not end up with goods you don’t want.

Tip #1: Make sure your seller has good seller ratings and a high purchase volume to be safe. Alternatively, get your goods from Tmall only.

Tip #2: Communicate with the seller and ask questions if you are unsure about the shipping options. Get recommendations for freight forwarders if they do not provide international shipping.

Tip #3: Do not send your goods to a Taobao warehouse if possible, arrange for your own freight forwarder to ensure your goods arrives on time and in good condition.

Tip #4: Trust fellow Taobao shoppers and check out their purchases on Taobao shopping Facebook groups! Sharing is caring so you can share your own experiences too.

Hope these tips and popular recommendations help. Happy shopping!

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