The Ultimate Guide to RateX: Your Smart Shopping Assistant

Online shopping is tough, especially when you want to find the lowest prices and best deals! To find the lowest prices, you have to try promo codes and coupon codes one by one, think about different credit cards to maximize for cashback or miles!

It’s frustrating – we know it. What if there is an online shopping assistant that automates all these tedious tasks about online shopping for you? Wouldn’t you want an everyday companion to help you during your online shopping?

Introducing RateX: your smart shopping assistant. It helps you in many different ways you’d never imagine, but using RateX might get confusing for new users. So, we wrote the ultimate step-by-step guide for RateX:

Step 1: Download RateX

Download ratex on
Chrome Extension

Step 2: Create an account

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Step 3: Activate Clovers

Step 4: Apply all promo codes

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Step 5: Pay on Amazon

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How about sites that RateX don’t work on yet?

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Step 6: Redeem Clovers

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Step 7: Earn $5

That’s all!

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