This Hack will 10X Your Productivity – Portable External Monitor

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Have you ever tried working with split screen on your laptop? If yes, you will realise the huge difference in productivity. This blog post is meant for you to further multiply that productivity you’ve been enjoying – via a USB-powered portable monitor. Whether you’re a constant traveler, student, or someone who simply enjoys portability, this device is going to give your on-to-go productivity a huge boost. Looking at the trend of working remotely, having a portable external monitor is a great investment.

However, Singapore retailers have not been shipping these bad boys over yet. In fact, the closest second-hand monitors we can find on Carousell is $100+ more expensive than a brand new on Amazon! In case you didn’t know yet, Amazon provides FREE shipping to orders above $125.

Here’s our favorite monitors from Amazon directly –

BEST VALUEAOC 16-Inch Ultra Slim Portable LED Monitor w/ Case, $94.99

Don’t be fooled by the foreign name. AOC is a great gaming monitor brand (our team uses it personally) and comes at a really affordable price. In fact this monitor is less than US$100 which makes it a really great bargain. As I am writing this I am probably gonna get this myself.

BEST BRANDASUS 15.6” WXGA Portable Monitor, $136.99

Two laptop productivity with 1/10 add-on price – I call this a good deal

ASUS is a trusty brand. As it claims, this model is currently the world’s slimmest and lightest and coupled with a sleek, metallic finish. Definitely goes with your ASUS laptop if you are using one. WIth 3 years warranty and 2 way free shipping – it is definitely going on our list.

IF YOU’RE GOING LONGASUS 15.6” Full HD IPS Portable Monitor, $187.69

Love the metallic finish

This is for those who knows they are in it for the long run – with a full HD IPS portable monitor, your constant on-the-go working will never feel better. Personally I tend to go for great user experience (especially so if I am not on a budget) and the price difference is insignificant – I’d choose this over AOC.

Highly recommend this for the frequent business traveler that works on flight.

IF YOU’RE FEELING RICHGeChic 15.6” IPS 1080P Portable Monitor with HDMI, VGA, USB Powered, Built-in Speakers, Rear Docking , $349.99

This son of a beast is an overkill in my opinion, but to be fair the features are worth the money. As a savvy shopper, the price isn’t within my budget but they are currently running a $50 off promotion. So if I buy this I am saving $50!?….sounds like a good deal. Or is it?

S(l)ick look! 

In any case, you know what they say – two screens sure are better than one! And as always, you can always save more with our payment extension on Amazon. We are adding more sites in the next quarter of the year – and a secret feature coming up which you guys definitely wouldn’t want to miss! Stay tuned.