Step-by-Step Guide to using RateX on Amazon

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Amazon is a global tech behemoth which needs no introduction. It’s e-commerce business is both a marketplace for millions of Amazon sellers globally, and a direct sales channel for its own brand of AmazonBasics products. Paying for overseas Amazon purchases, however, tends to be a sub-optimal experience owing to poor exchange rates and hidden fees.

To illustrate, did you know that the combined usage of Amazon’s Dynamic Currency Conversion service paired with your bank’s credit card could set you back by up to 8% in unnecessary conversion-related fees?

Enter RateX. We don’t like these hidden charges, and neither should you!

Let us now guide you through how we can help you to save on these hidden fees with our “Pay with RateX” feature. But before proceeding with this guide, make sure you have our browser extension already installed already!

Step 1: Shop Normally on Amazon

Begin by shopping as you normally would on Amazon!

Add to Cart

Once you’re set on purchasing something, add it to your shopping cart.

Proceed to checkout

Click “Proceed to checkout” after you’re satisfied with browsing.

Step 2: RateX Does its Magic

Enter your delivery address

Choose a shipping address for your goods to be delivered to.

If the items don’t ship to Singapore, you can consider using a freight forwarder instead. Read our guide on choosing between US freight forwarders. 

Choose a shipping option

Scroll further down the screen after selecting your shipping address. Choose between the various delivery options provided by Amazon.

Select your payment method

Even though you’ll be using RateX to help complete the payment, Amazon still “needs” to hold on to one of your credit cards. If you don’t have a credit card already stored on file with Amazon, you’ll be prompted to input one.

Click “Continue” to proceed!

Pay with RateX


At this point, RateX will present to you the final SGD price which will be charged to your credit card – you have our guarantee that your card will not be charged a cent above this price!

The effective exchange rate which you’ll be making this purchase at is also proudly on display inside the RateX extension (feel free to compare it against what’s being quoted by Amazon right next to it!)

Click on the “Pay” button to move ahead!

Select a RateX Payment Method

You’ll be presented with the following screen asking you to choose how you’d wish to pre-fund your money with RateX (who will then be facilitating your payment to Amazon for you!)

There are two available options: using the RateX wallet (which you’ll need to top-up via a bank transfer) or through a debit/credit card.

You can tick the “Remember me” option to store your card details on file if you wish. Be rest assured that your payment details are safely encrypted and stored by Stripe’s PCI DSS compliant technology – at no point do we actually get to see your card details!

Click on the “Pay SGD” button to wrap up your purchase! You can watch Ralph doing his thing processing your transaction in the mean time.

Payment Successful – Share this Lifehack with your Friends!

Just to leave you with a full peace of mind, you’ll receive two email receipts – one each from Amazon and RateX respectively.

Bonus: For All You Credit Card Mile-Chasers

For the record, all credit card transactions made through RateX qualifies as spend at MCC 5699: “Accessory & Apparel Stores”.


Using RateX on Amazon is that simple!

We’re constantly making improvements and if you have any comments or feedback, feel free to email us anytime!

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