What’s Amazon and what is it doing in Singapore?

Amazon Prime Now has finally landed in Singapore!

So… What is it? 🤔

Amazon Prime Now is an express, same-day delivery service that allows Singapore users to place orders for a variety of items including cosmetics, fresh produce (fruits & veggies!), consumer electronics, alcohol, toys, baby products and more! Simply download the mobile application right here to start shopping 🌽🍅🍉

Amazon’s Prime Now Warehouse in Singapore

p.s. Amazon Prime Now is also available in 8 different other countries!

Users in Singapore are given two delivery options:

How is Amazon Prime Now different from Amazon?

Although Amazon and Amazon Prime Now are affiliated, Amazon Prime Now is a standalone site under the Amazon umbrella that specialises in speedy deliveries.

But wait… What is Amazon?

Amazon is one of the largest online retailers in the world, and it caters to almost every country! There are a couple of international Amazon sites, like in Canada, UK, Japan, China, Germany, France and so on! The main Amazon site (based in USA) is the largest.

Amazon started off as a book seller, but has since expanded to sell a wide variety of consumer goods and digital media. You can get anything from an afro wig for dogs to computer parts to cosmetics… and more!

Then can I shop on Amazon from Singapore?

Of course! Amazon USA & Japan provide free shipping to Singapore for certain items, and it’s especially great if you’re looking for exclusive items like brands specific to USA or products specific to Japan (Like anime figurines or language-specific storybooks)! On that note, there are also items that you can get for cheaper on Amazon than if you buy locally.

However, Amazon is not cheaper for everything because shipping costs still have to be taken into consideration. For items like Perfumes (classified as a flammable material), shipping costs will be extra expensive (around US$20) because special HazMat packing has to be done. Also, it’s not wise to ship light but bulky items because often times, shipping charges are based on the “volumetric” weight of the shipment – not it’s actual weight! Volumetric weight is calculated by multiplying the dimensions of a package and dividing the result via a volumetric factor.

Volumetric Weight
p.s. Shipping a guitar from the USA to Singapore will cost you about US$200! Acoustic guitars are light, but bulky! So remember to check out the shipping prices of items before buying an item from overseas instead of locally.


1. When looking for a specific item, exclude the brand and just type in the name of the product

That way, you can look at all the other alternative brands that Amazon carries and find a cheaper deal!

2. Use coupon codes

Prime Now Loots!

The coupon codes really make the deals very value-for-money! Use the code VISA20 to enjoy S$20 off and the code 10PRIMENOW for S$10 off your first order (min. order S$40). Note that for the VISA code, you need to select your card then put in the code at the confirmation screen on the next page!

3. You can use your Amazon US account to sign in

You don’t need to make a new account just for Prime Now 😄 But can you use your USA Prime membership? We’re not sure as of yet, but Amazon Singapore will be launching the Singapore Prime Membership soon, so stay tuned to find out!

4. Use Prime Now right now

Since it’s pretty new, Amazon Prime Now is running lots of limited time offers (like the coupon code). Snag them before they’re gone! Also note that although the Prime Now service is now free, once Amazon launches their Singapore Prime membership, you’ll probably have to pay to continue having access to this service.

A Prime membership in the USA is US$99 for a yearly subscription, or US$10 monthly. Students get a major discount and can get it at US$49 per year! We expect the prices to be similar for the membership in Singapore as well…

5. Get a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream at S$9.95

Getting ready for movie night? No snacks? Use Prime Now! 🍦

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