What Singaporeans searched for in 2023: A look at market interests

In the dynamic outlook of investing, being attuned to market trends and public sentiment can make all the difference. Delving into Yahoo’s Year in Review 2023 report unveils intriguing insights into Singapore’s most searched stocks and brands, offering investors a valuable glimpse into the market psyche. Let’s unravel the highlights.

Singapore’s stock scene: What’s hot on the search bar

Singapore Airlines (SGX: C6L)

Scaling the heights of popularity, Singapore Airlines emerges as the top contender. The resurgence of global travel post-pandemic has thrust this aviation giant into the spotlight, prompting investors to closely monitor its trajectory. While the stock has shown stability over the past half-decade, astute timing could unlock lucrative returns for discerning investors.

OCBC Bank (SGX: O39)

Capturing significant attention, OCBC Bank takes the runner-up position. As a base of Singapore’s financial landscape, its performance mirrors broader economic trends, warranting vigilant scrutiny from investors.

DBS Group Holdings (SGX: D05)

Hot on OCBC’s heels, DBS Group Holdings commands attention as a key player in Singapore’s financial arena. With ongoing digital transformation endeavors, its stock performance becomes a focal point for investors keen on tapping into banking sector evolution.


Amidst local interest, Tesla surprisingly secures the fourth spot. The global juggernaut’s influence permeates Singaporean searches, reflecting a broader fascination with the electric vehicle revolution.

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (BABA)

Despite facing headwinds, Alibaba clinches the fifth position, underscoring investor intrigue regarding its future trajectory amidst challenges and opportunities.

Beauty Buzz: Unveiling the Most Searched Beauty Brands


With an expanding online footprint, Dior dazzles as the top beauty brand on Singaporean search engines. Investors may find intrigue in exploring LVMH, Dior’s parent company, amidst recent share price fluctuations.


A household name in the beauty realm, Sephora secures a commendable second place, reflecting its enduring appeal among consumers and investors alike.

Kiehl’s, Innisfree, and The Body Shop

Completing the top five, these brands underscore the diverse consumer preferences driving the beauty market’s dynamics.

Insights uncovered: Navigating the investment terrain

  • Valuations- The fervent search activity surrounding certain stocks underscores their potential impact on valuations. Astute investors would be wise to discern whether this popularity translates into justified market premiums or signals a bubble.
  • Diversification- While Singapore Airlines dominates the search domain, prudent investors recognize the importance of diversification. Exploring opportunities beyond the mainstream can mitigate risk and unlock untapped potential across diverse sectors and geographies.
  • Tech giants- Google reigns supreme as the most sought-after tech brand, signaling continued investor interest in tech giants’ innovations and market dominance. Keeping abreast of developments in this sphere remains imperative for savvy investors eyeing long-term growth prospects.

Deciphering market signals in 2024

As investors navigate the intricate tapestry of market trends, paying heed to public search behavior can offer invaluable insights. Understanding these market sentiment serves as a compass guiding investment decisions in 2024. However, amidst the allure of trending names, prudent investors emphasize diversification, informed decision-making, and a holistic view of the investment landscape. So, let’s heed the cues from Singapore’s search trends and chart a course toward informed and strategic investment endeavors.

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Sangita Brahma

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