Women’s leadership redefine Hong Kong’s insurance landscape

A quiet revolution is underway in the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong amidst its iconic skyscrapers and evolving financial realm. Women are marching ahead, challenging conventions, and revolutionizing the traditionally male-centric insurance sector. Their journey is marked by tenacity, innovation, and an unyielding resolve to carve their path in the industry.

According to a 2021 study by the Hong Kong Federation of Insurers, women comprise over 55% of the insurance industry’s workforce. This is a positive sign, indicating that the industry is becoming more gender-balanced. However, despite their growing presence, women are still underrepresented in senior leadership positions. The same study found that only 15% of CEOs in Hong Kong’s insurance companies are women.

Global gender disparity – A reality check

Before delving into the remarkable narratives of these pioneering women, it’s imperative to confront a stark reality: the persistent global gender gap in workplaces. The World Bank’s “Women, Business, and the Law 2024” report paints a sobering picture, revealing that women worldwide possess less than two-thirds of the legal rights enjoyed by men. This disparity persists even in the most affluent nations, where the promise of equal opportunities remains elusive. When considering factors like protection from violence and access to childcare, women’s legal safeguards amount to a mere 64% of those afforded to men.

Women champions at the helm of Hong Kong’s insurance realm

Let us introduce you to two exceptional women who are reshaping Hong Kong’s insurance landscape:

Denise Au-Yeung: Chief Strategy Officer at FTLife

Denise’s journey epitomizes the potency of diverse viewpoints and inclusive leadership. At FTLife, she has cultivated a corporate spirit centred around these values, encapsulated in the mantra “Grow as One.” She focuses on delivering pioneering solutions that generate value beyond mere insurance, benefitting all stakeholders. Denise’s collaborative approach has propelled the company toward expansive business horizons.

Carrie Tong: Chief Operations Officer at Manulife Hong Kong & Macau

Carrie fervently advocates for diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace. She believes that a culture that cherishes differences empowers individuals to unleash their utmost potential. It transcends mere numerical targets; it fosters an environment conducive to collective flourishing. Carrie’s leadership exemplifies the transformative influence of inclusion in fostering organizational success.

Turning the gap of legal mandates into tangible realities

While legislative reforms may signify equal rights on paper, the practical implementation often lags. Across 190 economies, less than 40% of the requisite systems for comprehensive execution have been established. Despite statutory provisions for pay parity, tangible measures to address the wage difference remain elusive. A robust framework surrounding stringent enforcement mechanisms and support services for survivors of gender-based violence is imperative to bridge this rift effectively.

However, there’s a positive shift happening in Hong Kong’s insurance industry. Here’s why you should take notice:

  • Breaking barriers:  Women increasingly take on leadership roles in Hong Kong insurance companies.  Insurance Asia highlights inspiring journeys, showcasing how female executives are making their mark.
  • Diversity makes good business sense:  Companies like Prudential are prioritizing diversity and inclusion. With 35% female representation in their leadership team, they’ve set a target of 40% by 2026. This isn’t just about fairness; studies have shown that companies with diverse leadership teams outperform their less diverse counterparts.
  • A unique perspective matters:  The insurance industry is about understanding customer needs. Women bring a different perspective, which can be invaluable in crafting relevant insurance products and services.
  • Role models paving the way:  More women in leadership positions create a powerful image for the next generation. It shatters the stereotype that insurance is a closed club and opens doors for aspiring female professionals.

The fight for gender equality is far from over, but Hong Kong’s insurance industry is a ray of hope. By adopting diversity and empowering women, these companies are not only creating a fairer workplace but also positioning themselves for future success.

The economic impact of gender equality

Closing the gender gap isn’t just a moral imperative; it’s also astute economics. A McKinsey report estimates that advancing gender equality could inject $12 trillion into the global GDP by 2025. As a financial juggernaut, Hong Kong stands poised to reap substantial dividends by harnessing the full potential of its female workforce. When women assume leadership roles, businesses thrive, and economies prosper.

As women ascend the ranks of Hong Kong’s insurance sector, they are paving a course for future generations with their resilience, grit, and unwavering commitment to change and reshape an industry hitherto dominated by men.

Sangita Brahma
Sangita Brahma

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